Glen Erin at Lancefield

Glen Erin at Lancefield Melbourne

Lancefield is a small, charming town of about 1,000 people, located 73km north of Melbourne city.

Once a favourite summer holiday destination for city-dwellers, today it’s well known for its antique shopping, wineries, scenic drives and farms.

Just to the north east of the town at Mt William, extensive quarry sites have been found. Members of the Wurundjeri people (a sub-group of the Woiwurung), quarried the hard, dense greenstone of the mountain to make stone axes. These were then traded for rugs, weapons and ornaments. This practice probably began long before European settlement and these axes have been found as far afield as South Australia and the Riverina area of NSW.

Lancefield was settled by squatters in 1837 and today still has a number of intact 19th-century buildings which present an attractive streetscape.

Venue Details

200 Rochford Road
Lancefield VIC 3435
+61 3 5429 1041
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