Prosci Change Management Sponsor Briefing

Prosci Change Management Sponsor Briefing


The number one success factor for change is active and visible sponsorship, according to Prosci’s 18 years of global Change Management benchmarking studies.

Specifically designed for CEOs, Sponsors and Senior Executives, the goal of this program is to equip senior leaders to position their projects for success. Executives will discover the connection between Change Management and project benefits and outcomes. They will also gain new insights into their roles as Sponsors in driving successful change.

5 - 6 hours

  • CEOs and Senior Executives
  • Project and Program Steering Committees
  • This unique program consists of an optional Strategic Change Health Assessment of your organisation’s strategic change portfolio, using Prosci’s leading edge tools and a customised Executive Briefing. This consists of an on-line survey completed by project teams on selected major projects, using best practice Prosci tools. It enables Executives to gain a new perspective on the health of change projects and the actions they can take to be effective Sponsors.
  • The customised Briefing is shaped by the participating Executives to focus on the most relevant aspects of Executive leadership of change.
  • Prosci Resources Valued at AUD750/NZD860
  • Prosci Executive Guide to Change Management
  • ADKAR, A Model for Change by Jeffrey M Hiatt
  • Change Management, the People Side of Change by Jeffrey M Hiatt and Timothy J Creasey
  • Prosci Best Practices in Change Management Benchmarking Report
  • Workshop materials

The Executive Briefing is customised by our Facilitator to cover the topics most relevant to the Executives attending.

Typical topics include:

  • Setting the stage for Change Management
  • The connection between Change Management and financial performance;
  • Prosci Project Change Triangle - three critical components for success;
  • Position your projects for strategic success
  • Health Assessment of strategic change portfolio -optional
  • Change Management methodology overview;
  • Position yourself for sponsorship success
  • Role of sponsors in change - what the data tells us;
  • What messages employees want to hear from you;
  • Position your organisation for success
  • The role of managers and team leaders;
  • Equipping managers to be effective change leaders;
  • Prosci’s ADKAR model of individual change.

Our Senior Consultants have the expertise and credibility to effectively facilitate senior executive workshops.

Their focus is on positioning Change Management in the context of the organisation's strategy and current change initiatives and on achieving outcomes from the workshop that will take the organisation forward.

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"This workshop provided a good outline of what needs to be done to manage change successfully and a helpful guide to where I need to focus."

CEO, Financial Services

"This was a good initiative. I look forward to seeing it roll out throughout the organisation."

Jenny Williams
Chief Marketing Officer, HCF Australia

"A positive experience that exceeded my expectations."

David Cox
Deputy Director, Maritime Patrol & Response, Capability Development Group, Department of Defence

"A very positive session with an excellent and knowledgeable presenter and great resources."

Senior Executive
Public Sector, New Zealand