Navigating Change Workshop: From Resistance to Resilience

Navigating Change Workshop: From Resistance to Resilience


Now that change is “the new normal” in organisations, everyone needs the know-how to manage their own change journey and a personal toolkit for managing resistance and building resilience.

By building the change-ability of people in all roles, you can minimise time spent in the change curve and which ultimately leads to faster and more successful change initiatives.

In this practical, hands on workshop, your people will develop stronger self awareness of how they respond to change and what they can do to navigate change as individuals. They will also learn how they can support others through the change process and practical strategies for managing resistance.

  • One day  (9am - 4pm)
  • Half day  (4 hours) - Choice of topics
  • Change Champions
  • People leaders: team leaders, managers, supervisors, middle managers
  • Team members
  • Change Practitioners;
  • Project Managers, Project teams
  • Develop a shared understanding to the people’s different change styles and how their style differs from their colleagues;
  • Learn how to tailor their change style so they are more effective in communicating and engaging others in change and managing resistance.
  • Understand the emotional journey of change, how to recognise the stages and support yourself and others and build resilience
  • Build personal skills for resilience
  • Workbook
  • Discovery Learning change tool, including questionnaire and discussion guide

Our Facilitators make the content come alive with case studies, story telling and individual and group activities. Their advanced facilitation and coaching skills enable them to connect with people from any level or role.

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"The examples were clear, helpful and relevant, delivered in an upbeat and pleasant manner."

Jim Pados
Salmat Australia.

"The most valuable part of the workshop was the stages of change. I could identify where my team sits and what actions I should take."

Kristy Duffy
Pillar Administration