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Heart Place Scholarships

2020 Heart Place Scholarships Open!

Over the last 9 years, we have awarded over 40 Scholarships and are delighted to invite applications for our 2020 Heart Place scholarships for not-for-profit organisations and registered charities.

The goal of the Heart Place Scholarships is to foster the development of Change Management capabilities in community-based organisations to support their mission to achieve positive social change.

The Heart Place provides Scholarships for the Prosci 3 day Change Management Certification Program. All program costs including accommodation, meals and tuition are covered.  Each Heart Place is valued at AUD5,950/NZD6,950.

In 2020, we will be providing a total of five Heart Place Scholarships on our public programs in Australia and New Zealand.

Important Dates

Applications for the 2020 Heart Place Scholarships will:

  • open on Monday 2 September 2019
  • close on Friday 25 October 2019
  • be announced by Monday 25 November 2019

Target Group

Not-for-profit organisations and registered charities in Australia and New Zealand.

Location of Scholarships

In 2020, we will be providing a total of five Heart Place Scholarships on our public programs in Australia and New Zealand.  Scholarship recipients can nominate the program they wish to attend.  Programs outside of the Heart Place recipient’s city may be chosen, but air fares will be at the recipient’s cost.


  • You are an employee (or volunteer) of a not-for-profit organisation or registered charity and can ensure the skills and methodology learned on the Change Management Certification program can be applied to the benefit of the organisation by working on a change project for the organisation.
  • The change project impacts the community you support (ie. it is not an internal project).
  • There is support and sponsorship for the change project and for the application of Change Management from the CEO and other key stakeholders.
  • There is opportunity to immediately apply the Prosci methodology to the change project.
  • There is recognition of the importance of effective Change Management for the success of the change.
  • If successful, you will provide a testimonial for our website within 6 months of completing your program.

How to apply

Email your application and supporting documents to Julie Stalley, Senior Advisor jstalley@prosci.com by COB 25 October 2019.  Please provide:

1. A brief description of your organisation and the website address.

2. A brief description of your current role, your background and your previous experience in Change Management.

3. An outline of the change project to which you will apply the Change Management knowledge and skills you gain on the program.

  • What is the purpose of the change project?
  • Who is expected to benefit?
  • What stage is the change project at?
  • How will effective Change Management contribute to the success of the project?

4. The following supporting documents:

  • Evidence that the organisation is a Registered Charity or a Not-for-Profit.
  • A letter of support from the CEO/MD or Board Chair for your application and for Prosci’s Change Management methodology to be used on the project.
  • One internal or external referee for you in your current role.

For more information

Please contact Julie Stalley, Senior Advisor on +61 412 457 913 or jstalley@prosci.com

2019 Heart Place Scholarships Recipients

Lisa Wiese


Manager, Strategy and Enterprise Performance

Increasing interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) benefits the community and its future workforce, creating a stronger economy. Scitech increases interest in STEM in Western Australia through its exciting science centre, travelling programs and digital experiences. The Prosci Heart Place scholarship will improve Lisa’s capabilities to implement the new strategy over the next three years to improve program delivery, which will expand the social impact and targeted reach of Scitech’s programs by twenty percent.

Jess Wood

ProCare (NZ)

Project Manager, Clinical and Change Management

Well Plan was developed in collaboration with clients and the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) in response to feedback that meaningful, individualised employment and health support appears to be under-resourced and difficult to access, especially for people off work due to a health condition or disability.

Well Plan is delivered in partnership with general practice and Work and Income for people on a medical deferral benefit. It aims to increase people’s capability to self-manage their health conditions and wellbeing, and increase their ability to volunteer, work and better engage with their local communities.

David Couri

Samaritans Foundation

Change Manager – ICT Projects

The NDIS allows clients to choose their supports from a suite of providers, though without a centralised lens from which to view their services. This change program will deliver an integrated client information /financial/people management solution that centralises this view across services. This means that the right support workers, with the right skills, experience and attributes can be matched and deployed to the right client at the right time and at the right cost. This will deliver improved continuity of care, reduced gaps in services and improved outcomes for the people we support.

Adele Cashion

ConnectAbility Australia

People and Culture – Transition Leader

ConnectAbility Australia are now providing Specialist Disability Accommodation Services to over 100 people with disability residing in 24/7 care.

Project Connect will support people with disability in the Hunter Valley and the significant people in their lives, in successfully navigating the transition of their accommodation services from the government to ConnectAbility Australia. Success is indicated by families and significant others being informed, satisfied with the service and choosing to stay with ConnectAbility.

Francis Chalwell


AAH Aged Care Chaplaincy Manager

Anglicare at Home supports elderly people to continue living in their own homes with safety, dignity and happiness.

These neighbours require practical assistance (eg. domestic, transport, social, nursing) to remain living at home. The purpose of the change project is to restructure the provision of pastoral services to those clients who have an Anglicare Home Care Package (HCP) and who ‘opt in’ to the invitation to receive spiritual support. The restructure of these pastoral services will mean that more HCP clients will benefit from more frequent visits from the Anglicare pastoral team who live locally and who are in greater connection with other Anglicare services.