Prosci Train the Trainer Program

Prosci Train the Trainer Program


Create unforgettable change management learning experiences inside your organisation using Prosci’s industry-leading programs, tools and methodologies.

This program will be open for registrations in the coming weeks. Please join our Change Community to receive updates on new programs and dates.

Registration fees

Public program:


Please contact us for information and fees for running an in-house program.

Public program timings:

Welcome dinner and introduction Day 0: 6.30pm (compulsory)

Day 1: 8.30am - 5.30pm

Day 2: 8.30am - 5.30pm

Day 3: 8.30am - 5.30pm

Day 4: 8.30am - 3.30pm


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If you are ready to become a facilitator and start deploying change management training internally throughout your organisation this value-packed program is for you.

Prosci’s Train-the-Trainer is not designed for Consultants or employees from consulting companies.

Consulting companies that are looking to deploy change management capabilities within their organisation also need to pursue a different path and should contact us via phone or

If you are a Prosci Certified Practitioner and looking for the next step in your professional development, and delivering Prosci's programs is not for you, you may wish to consider our Experienced Practitioner Program.


Prosci Change Management Certification – participants must have completed Prosci’s Change Management Certification Program within two (2) years of attending the Train the Trainer program.

The Train-the-Trainer Program expands upon the fundamentals covered in the three-day Change Management certification Program to now focus on teaching participants how to deliver the five role-based programs in their organisation.

This program is not for consultants looking to offer programs to client organisations.

For completion of Train-the-Trainer, you must facilitate your first Prosci program at your organisation within 3 months of completing your Train the Trainer program. You can teach any of the role-based programs to successfully complete the Train-the-Trainer experience. You must purchase program training materials for each participant in each program you facilitate, either as individual sets or through an enterprise license to Prosci’s training content.

Program Price Per Set (USD)

  • Practitioner Program - USD $750
  • Program for Managers - USD $350
  • Employee Orientation - USD $95
  • Sponsor Briefing - USD $300
  • Delivering Project Results - USD $225
  • Fundamentals - USD $225

By completing the Train-the-Trainer Program, participants will:

  • Learn the purpose, objectives, intended audience and structure of five role-based programs
  • Review key learning modules and facilitation recommendations
  • Practice facilitating select learning modules in front of the class and instructors
  • Receive feedback and recommendations for improving delivery
  • Craft a training delivery strategy to guide implementation of change management training following the program
  • Change Management Program for Managers
    • This one-day program helps people managers proactively lead employees through change, providing practical frameworks for becoming an effective change leader.
  • Change Management Employee Orientation
    • This one-day program uses the Prosci ADKAR Model to empower frontline employees with the framework and skills needed to process and embrace organizational change. Employees walk away from this program better able to communicate about change and with a vision for being proactive change agents.
  • Delivering Project Results Workshop
    • This half to one day workshop helps project leaders understand the importance of change management in meeting their project’s objectives, opening the opportunity for more effective integration and partnership. NOTE: You can learn how to facilitate this workshop via eLearning following your Train-the-Trainer Program.
  • Change Management Sponsor Briefing
    • This 5 to 6 hour program for executives focuses on how sponsorship, change management and business results are closely connected, clarifying the sponsor’s role during change and providing them with simple frameworks.
  • Change Management Practitioner Program
    • This three-day program teaches participants how to apply Prosci’s holistic change management methodology and tools—including the Prosci ADKAR® Model—to a real project
  • Fundamentals of Change Management
    • This 1 day program provides an overview of the fundamental concepts and organisational benefits of effective change management. This program applies five tenets of change management to a specific project or change initiative to build awareness and desire for change management..


Day 1

  • Change Management Practitioner Program:
  • Preparing for a program
  • Success factors
  • Change management and ADKAR Model overview

Day 2

  • Change Management Practitioner Program:
  • Prosci 3-Phase Process
  • Sponsor assessment diagram

Day 3

  • Change Management Practitioner Program:
  • Program presentation overview
  • Managing the Final exam
  • Change Management Employee Orientation

Day 4

  • Overview of:
    • Change Management Program for Managers
    • Change Management Sponsor Briefing
    • Fundamentals of Change Management
    • Delivering Project Results

During this four-day training experience, you will:

  • Learn the purpose, objectives, intended audience and structure of five role-based programs:
    • Change Management Practitioner Program
    • Change Management Program for Managers
    • Change Management Sponsor Briefing
    • Change Management Employee Orientation
    • Delivering Project Results Workshop
    • Fundamentals of Change Management
  • Review key learning modules and facilitation recommendations
  • Practice teaching select learning modules in front of the class and instructors
  • Receive feedback and recommendations for improving delivery
  • Craft a training delivery strategy to guide your future implementation of change management training


  • This is a Non-Residential Program with no accommodation included.
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is included each day.

Materials including:

  • Kindle Fire to record sessions for ongoing learning.
  • Prosci Train-the-Trainer Facilitator Guides for Six Programs
    • Facilitator guides include key messages, activity directions, slides from each program, timing considerations and how to prepare for each program.
  • Prosci Train-the-Trainer Support Site (via the Prosci Portal)
    • Ongoing resource with access to slide decks, facilitator tips and tricks, specialized webinars and podcasts to support the successful facilitation of Prosci programs.


In-house program

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Dates & Locations

Welcome dinner (Day 1) + 4 days
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