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Strategies for Improving Project Outcomes

Agile and change management have emerged as important strategies for improving change outcomes. Integrating change management and Agile can improve the adoption and usage of iteratively designed solutions.

In this innovative one-day workshop, you'll explore the latest research and build detailed tactics and plans for adapting change management to your Agile iterative development. Prosci provides the best practices and frameworks for applying change management in an Agile environment.


Intended for:

Change management professionals, agile practitioners, project leaders.


This program is available for registration. Please refer to the list of scheduled programs on the right of this page. If your preferred date and location is not available, please join our Change Community and follow our company on LinkedIn to receive updates on new programs and date announcements.

Registration Fees:

AU $1,250

NZD $1,440

New Zealand residents must select EFT/Invoice as the payment option in order to get NZD pricing.

Payment can then be made over the phone using a credit card, or direct deposit.


Program Timings:

One day: 8.30am - 5.30pm

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This workshop is designed for people who are responsible for delivering the people-side results on Agile projects including:

  • Change management practitioners supporting Agile efforts
  • Agile practitioners integrating the people side into their work
  • Project leaders incorporating Agile principles
  • Any change agent who wants to stay at the forefront of this growing discipline

You can expect an email from the Prosci Portal with information to confirm your Portal account. Upon logging in to the Prosci Portal, you will see a Portal tile labelled, “Agile & CM Workshop.” This is where all your resources for the workshop live. To reference this in the future you can go to the Portal directly through

If you are not familiar with Prosci’s methodology we ask you to watch the Prosci Methodology webinar before the workshop. This is to give you context and background of the concepts we will go over during the workshop. We also ask that you familiarise yourself with these additional webinars if you have time:

  • Roles in Change Management
  • How to Apply the ADKAR Model
  • Integrating Agile and Change Management

Remember to bring a laptop with Microsoft Office 2007 or newer.

WiFi internet will be provided. Please check with your IT department to ensure your laptop has WiFi connectivity.

All-Day Workshop

  • Foundations of Agile and change management
    • Origins of Agile
    • Agile and change management principles
  • Research on Agile and change management
  • Applying change management when moving from waterfall to Agile
    • Contributors to successful Agile transformations
    • Obstacles to successful Agile transformations
    • Managing the people side of the move from waterfall to Agile
  • How to adapt your change management approach in Agile
  • Adapting the ADKAR Model in Agile
  • Adapting five organisational change plans in Agile
  • Roles for change management in Agile
  • Next steps

Throughout this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the foundation and parallels of change management and Agile
  • Explore industry-leading research on how to manage change adoption in an Agile initiative
  • Identify specific adaptations for your change management approach
  • Align the Prosci ADKAR® Model with Agile efforts and sprints/releases
  • Align the five organisational change management plans to Agile and identify specific adjustments for each
  • Define change management roles in an Agile environment

Course materials which include:

  • Prosci’s Change Management and Agile benchmarking report (downloadable)
  • Course worksheets and exercises
  • Access to five webinars:
    • Prosci Methodology
    • How to Apply the ADKAR Model
    • Roles in Change Management
    • Integrating Agile and Change Management
    • Intersection of Agile and Change Management Study

In-house program

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