Prosci Sponsors Competency Assessment (Pack of 10)

Prosci Sponsor Competency Assessment (Pack of 10)

Prosci Sponsors Competency Assessment

Educate Sponsors on their role and responsibilities and assess their capabilities with this Prosci® assessment worksheet.

This essential Change Management tool contains the three key roles of effective Sponsors and the observable behaviours, identified by Prosci's 16 years of global Best Practices Benchmarking Studies.

Applications for the worksheet include: education of Sponsors, clarification of roles and responsibilities, assessment of capabilities and development needs and data gathering for the Prosci Sponsor Assessment Diagram.

These worksheets are available exclusively to certified Prosci Change Management practitioners or customers who have purchased Prosci's Change Management eToolkit or Pilot Professional on-line Toolkit.

Prosci Sponsor Competency Assessment (Pack of 10)
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